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There are several ways to access the WSJ, depending on what you need. Factiva includes issues of the WSJ from the current day back to 1979. Older WSJ articles are available through the Wall Street Journal Historical Full Image database with issues from 1889 through 1995.

To browse the current day's Front Page headlines and articles, go to the Factiva here or from the library's website, and select HOME from the black menu bar at the top. (You can also use this link: Factiva's home page).

If you want to browse today's (or the last several days') articles beyond the front page, go to Factiva and click NEWS PAGES in the black menu bar at the top, then select FACTIVA PAGES.The WSJ will be at the top of the list. You can change the date and the section of the paper right below the title.

If, instead, you want to search the few decades of WSJ for articles on a particular topic, there are two ways to do it. One is to go to Factiva and click the HOME option from the menu bar, then click the very small link that says VIEW ALL under the title, and to the right of FRONT PAGE. Put your search terms in the box at the top and change the dates if desired (the default is to search only the last three months).

The second way is more complicated but offers more advanced search capabilities. Go to Factiva and stay on the SEARCH screen. Under the search box, you'll see a SOURCE field. Click that triangle and type "Wall Street" into the box. Select the link that says "Wall Street Journal - All Sources." Note that it will add the WSJ in a gold button above. Also note that it may keep the "All Publications" box. If it does, you need to click the triangle and click REMOVE, so the only gold button you see next to SOURCE is the WSJ. Then enter your terms into the big search box. You may need to change the dates you're searching, because it defaults to the last three months. 


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