Answered By: Henry Dambach
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Microfilm is a great way to view newspaper and journal articles. Especially if you are interested to see newspaper articles in their original context, rather than in isolation. See the attached photo to find them in the library. (They are the big metal cabinets next to the periodicals). Pick out a roll of microfilm or a piece of microfiche (the flat version in the cabinets on the other side). Take it to the machine and turn it on. (the on button is located on the underside of the first machine) For microfiche, simply place it under the lens, and the use the wheels on the lens to focus, and rotate the lens as necessary. 

For microfilm, remove the reel from the box and place the reel on the metal peg on the left side. Ensure that the loose end of the microfilm faces to the right. Then thread the microfilm under the glass plate in the middle of the machine, and stick the end of the microfilm in the slit on the rotating cylinder on the right to ensure that the film wraps around it during operation. Push the tray up to the lens, then use the buttons to advance the microfilm as needed. Use the knobs to make the film advance faster or slower. When finished, press the back button to make the microfilm wrap back around the reel and replace in cabinet. 

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